Review of TrustMyPaper Writing Company

The reason why we took it upon ourselves to review this service named is because there are many similar websites created for the sole purpose of scamming people for their money. Our intention is to check how trustworthy these services are so that we can assure buying customers that they are acquiring high-quality papers. In order to do that, we began looking through testimonials and reviews from people who have purchased their services. We have also made our own order for a paper that we would, later on, analyze personally. Below, you have the result of our analysis.

Features and Services

Trust My Paper seems to be a website that is very easy to navigate. We had no problem going through their services and making our pick for the order. Each selection is part of a larger category which looks something like this:

• Academic Writing 

• College  Admission

• Copywriting  

• Academic Coursework

• CV and Resume Writing

Once you choose a category, you have a multitude of paper types to choose from. We looked at the services available and opted for a standard research paper that is usually ordered by students. Placing the order went smoothly, without any issues or technical problems.

Writers and Delivery

The research paper we ordered from TrustMyPaper was 8-page long, with the instructions of adding 4 sources in the paper. The writer had the freedom to choose which sources to add, as long as the essay was relevant. Within a few hours, we received a greeting from our writer along with the confirmation that they have begun writing on our research paper. Over the course of the week, we spoke several times with our writer to clarify certain things. Our impression was that he was a smart and professional person, with no issues in the politeness chapter either. On the 6th day, we received the message that our paper was ready, and when we reviewed it on the 7th, we were completely satisfied with the result. The paper was suitable for the level that we chose, and we have no doubt that if a student presented it to a teacher, they would have received a very good grade. All other customer reviews we read on other review websites attested to their expertise.

Pricing Matters

Generally, people decide whether to go for a service or not based on the prices. A standard essay for a high school assignment with a two-week deadline costs $12.99, while a more complex paper such as a dissertation can start from $19.99 per page. Our 8-page paper with the 7-day deadline cost us a total of $115.85, and we also received some newcomer discounts for our order which brought our price down to $98.47. While the prices are just a bit above the average, the discount made it totally worth it. also mentioned that from time to time, they make available coupon codes or a promo code for the customers to use. 

Benefits of the Service

Those who choose to place an order for a paper also have a few extra benefits, such as:

• 24/7 customer service (we tested that by calling them at awkward hours and we always got a response).

• Extras such as title pages, bibliographies, outlines and even plagiarism reports.

• An informative blog which tackles various topics.

We considered all the pros and cons of this website and came to the conclusion that this is not fraud or scam. The entire process went smoothly, the writers and staff were professionals and the final product was satisfying. Overall, we offer TrustMyPaper an excellent rating.